"It’s better to throw a line than curse the tide against you."

-Saint Brendan

About Us

The Catholic Boat Owners of America is an association of concerned yachtsmen and yacht ladies who want to bring Christ back into boating. Many of us forget that Jesus was a carpenter, but the disciples were all fisherman, and undoubtedly Jesus was no stranger to the waves. After all, he walked on them.

The CBOA hopes to maintain this tradition of Christianity and boating in the spirit of St Brendan, the Irish saint and explorer who, many believe, discovered America long before Christopher Columbus. For this reason, the emblem of the CBOA employs St Brendan’s bark as a symbol of hope, intellectual curiosity, and safe boating. One can ask “Where would Brendan head?” just as easily as we might ask “What would Jesus sail?” every time we consider the perils and joys of good Christian boating in America.

Welcome to the Catholic Boat Owners of America. And always remember the words of St. Brendan: “It’s better to throw a line than curse the tide against you.”

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